Carbide Tipped Knives

With the purpose to minimize the manufacturing costs and offer better cutting capabilities.KNT  Knives provides Tungsten Carbide Tipped knives to meet different demands.
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Knife or TCT Knife, provides exceptional fatigue, shock and wear resistance when cutting difficult-to-machine steels, high-alloy metals etc.

Welded or Bolt-on design



Tungsten Carbide (WC) is approximately three times stiffer and is much denser than tool steels.Knives out of carbide cut 4-7 times faster even than HSS knives,and work 5-80 times longer.
Industries Served: Plastics,Metalworking,Paper Mills,Packaging,Transformers etc


◆Out of imported inlay raw material

◆Brazed or Bolt-on design

◆Cost effective

◆Inserts seamlessly attached, no gap, no clearance, no fall-off

◆Excellent lifetime, equivalent to or longer than counterparts from overseas