Coil Processing Slitting Knives

Slitter Knives and Slitting Tooling are for Pickling Lines, Galvanizing Lines, Tin Lines, Continuous Annealing Lines, Coating Lines, Inspection Lines, Blanking and Hot or Cold Strip Finishing Lines.

Up to 1500mm or 59’’ O.D. fabrication capability, which is probably the largest in this industry.

Some of the sizes we shipped:

Outside Dia.Ø Inside Dia.Ø Thickness Key available Middle Dia.
1500 800 80 Yes Yes
596.8 360.4 50 Yes Yes
420 280 20 Yes Yes
420 250 30 Yes Noa
350 230 20 No No
350 180 25 Yes No
350 205 20 Yes No
350 150 25 Yes No
255 140 10 Yes No
127 63.5 4.5 Yes No

*Tolerances we perform:

Outside Dia. +0/+0.02 Inside Dia. +0.03/+0.04 Thickness +0/-0.003
Perpendicularity ⊥0.005 Flatness +0/-0.003 Roughness 3.2

Key Benefits:

◆ A wide selection of materials, like D-2,H-13,HSS,Solid Carbide etc.

◆ Single or Multi-Keyway lock and dirt groove available

◆ Cutting capacity ranging from 0.05mm to 25mm thick coil strips

◆ Tolerance up to 0.003 or +/-0.0025mm

◆ Forged and triple tempered to ensure the best hardness and wear-resistance

◆ Precision ground, polish, lapping finishes and even Ti-Coating finishes available


Coil Processing Tooling – Spacer

Spacers are introduced not only to keep a certain clearance between blades but also as a kind of way to adjust the horizontal gap between the upper and lower blades.

Coil Processing Tooling – Separator Disc

These discs are precision manufactured to your exact specifications,flat edges,single bevels or double bevels,all taper length,all sizes,all thicknesses – we all carry.
SKS only offers piece-by-piece grinding, which only results in precision surface even though we have polishing and chrome-plating finish available for precision plus. This is of particular importance when working with materials that have a bright finish.